New Nature Naming / GSCCC and PSA Nature Rules

When choosing images to compete in GSCCC and PSA nature competitions, we must use their rules.  GSCCC Nature Rules and PSA Nature Rules If unsure whether an image has been manipulated, the maker will be emailed and asked if the image is eligible for nature competition.    To help in this process, we will be adding an “N” as part of the naming process, if the image is eligible for nature competition.   Since we don’t have a nature category, this will apply to all open, assignment and monochrome images.   If an image is eligible for nature competition, regardless of the category, please name it like this:     O_Butterfly_N_AshleyJ  or  AS_Elephants Fighting_N_AshleyJ  or  M_Flower_N-AshleyJ.

Monthly Competition

The highlight of our monthly meetings is our intra-club photography competition. Digital images are submitted via email no later than the Saturday before the monthly meeting.  Every month we have assignments for the competition.  Entrants may also enter images into an “Open” (non-assigned) category, and /or into a “Monochrome” category.  See belowfor the current slate of assignments.  Also below, is a link you may click to view our competition rules.

Judging is done by a panel of three judges, each scoring on a nine-point system, making the highest possible score for any given image a 27.   Judges and perhaps other members, will provide verbal critiques of selected photographs.

Cumulative point scores from the competition year are tabulated, and members with the high point totals  are honored  for their achievement at our annual awards presentation.

The Competition Rules, Guidelines & Awards

2020-2021 Competition Assignments

July 2020Reflections
August 2020Indoors
September 2020Endless Sun (Sun Creates the Image)
October 2020Spring
November 2020Small Things
December 2020Patterns
January 2021Eyes
February 2021Person Showing Strong Emotions
March 2021Zoo Setting
April 2021In My Back Yard
May 2021Action Shots
June 2021Shows Movement
  Competition Asignments

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